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Spanish Language

Smita Patil
Spanish Language

Course Description

Welcome to Hello Institute’s Spanish Language Course. Let’s first shed some light on why you should join Spanish language classes in Dehradun.

Spanish is a global language spoken in over 20 countries. Hence, it is lucid that you’re going to learn a language which is widely spoken all over the world. One important aspect of learning a foreign language is difficulty level.

If a language gets difficult, you may lose your interest after some time. However, that is not the case with Spanish language. It is the easiest foreign language to master. At Hello Institute, we shall make you learn Spanish Language effortlessly.

In addition, Spanish language offers a wide range of career opportunities as an interpreter, translator, trainer, legal advisor, facilitator and in the fields such as travel, tourism, immigration, trade, sales, marketing and customer support. Therefore, learning Spanish can expand your job skills.

If you’re thinking of learning Spanish language course in Dehradun, Hello Institute may open a door of opportunities for you. Now, let’s get acquainted with Spanish language levels.

Spanish Language Levels:

To get well-versed with a language one needs to get fully acquainted with all the 6 levels.

A1 - This is the beginners level and after completing this level you can give your introduction in Spanish and understand basic words, phrases and expressions. This level can take upto 2 months.

A2 - This is an elementary level and it consists of basic grammar topics, daily routines, hobbies,letter writing and you can construct simple questions and statements. This level can take upto 2 or more than 2 months.

B1 - This is an intermediate level and after completing this level you will be able to read and understand Spanish .The main focus in this will be on your reading, writing and listening skills . This level can take upto 3 months.

B2 - This is an upper intermediate level and after completing this level you can easily communicate in Spanish fluently with native speakers. And it may take upto 3 to 4 months for completion.

C1 - This is an advanced level.In this level you will learn about the Culture, literature and history of Spanish language. After completing this level you will be fluent in conversations; be it formal or informal. This level may take upto 5-6 months.

Spanish Language Classes at Hello Institute:

At Hello Institute you will learn Spanish Language in a pragmatic learning environment. The trainer will organise engaging and fun activities to make your Spanish Language learning experience hassle-free. You will learn in a small batch size enabling you to clear all your Spanish Language doubts. Your trainer will make sure that you pronounce every word correctly.

You will also be provided with study material for practising Spanish Language at institute and at home. The course module is designed in accordance with Cervantes Institute. Overall, your learning experience of Spanish language is going to be memorable.

To join Spanish Language Course in Dehradun, feel free to call us at 7830222288 or 8126662658.

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  • Duration
    2 months to 10 months
  • Enrolled
    1000+ students
  • Skill level
    A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
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