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Chinese Language Course

Anjali Panwar
Chinese Language Course

Course Description

Standard Chinese, often called Mandarin, is the official standard language of China and Taiwan, and one of the four official languages of Singapore (where it is called "HuáyÅ­" 华语 or simply Chinese). Standard Chinese is based on the Beijing dialect, the dialect of Mandarin as spoken in Beijing. The governments of both China and Taiwan intend for speakers of all Chinese speech varieties to use it as a common language of communication. Therefore, it is used in government agencies, in the media, and as a language of instruction in schools. 

Our Module

The following module is the proposed syllabus that has to be delivered…

HSK LEVEL-1 (2-3 months) The Chinese Language is a Picto-graphical and Picto-phonetical Language. HSK Level-1 has around 150 vocabularies in approx. It has only Characters and no alphabets. These vocabularies are Character-based vocabularies. Therefore, learners will be taught from scratch. This beginner-level includes practising the sound chart; the sound cart comprises of sounds and tones. Afterwards, the learners will be introduced to the four tones. Furthermore, they will be taught to talk about travelling, hospital, animals, flowers, fruits, vegetables, date, month, time, year, weekends etc. In HSK level 1 only, students will be also introduced to listening, reading, writing and Speaking. Listening includes Listening to the Chinese texts with vocabularies and its meaning, Reading includes reading the Chinese texts, Vocabularies with tones on it and the sound chart. Writing includes writing the Stroke order (How a Character is made), radicals-building blocks of the Chinese Characters, Grammar etc. Speaking includes Speaking the texts, Dialogues, Vocabularies etc.

HSK LEVEL-2 (2-3 months) In this level, the grammar will be introduced to the learners. Besides grammar, they will be trained in using around 300 vocabularies; it ranges from learning time, numbers and dates to miscellaneous daily-life words.

HSK Level-3 (5-6 months) In this level, intermediate grammar lessons will be delivered. Also, around 600 new vocabularies will be imparted which in turn will help in interactions, group discussions, extempore, role plays, jam session, dialogues, etc. One year course will get over here. In the end, the students' test will be conducted to assess their level. If a student lacks in any of the levels, they will be delivered some remedial classes.

HSK LEVEL-4 (6 months) HSK four will be all about commanding on fluency. In this level, pragmatic activities will be designed to put the Chinese language in practice. Close to 1200 vocabularies will also be put into practice

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Course Details

  • Duration
    2 months to 10 months
  • Enrolled
    600+ students
  • Skill level
    HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4
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